Nicole Wakelin is an automotive journalist and podcaster based in New England.


I write about cars. A lot.

That’s because I’ve always loved cars and the fact that they regularly hand me the keys to shiny new automobiles so I can write about them still amazes me. I cover news, write and film video reviews, and attend auto shows and new vehicle launches around the world.

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The Road Reflected

There are plenty of gearhead reviews out there that rattle off horsepower and torque and sort of sound like someone just grabbed the spec sheet and started reading. I can do that – but it’s not all that interesting. I review cars for real people. People who want to know about the little things and big things that make you love or hate your car.

Is it comfy? Is there a place for all your stuff? Can you climb into the third row without being a contortionist? Is the infotainment so fiddly it makes you want to take a sledgehammer to the screen? I’ll tell you. This podcast is automotive content from the lighter side. Also, I like cookies and coffee so be prepared for some of that, too.