Let’s Talk About Race

Topic: Let’s Talk about Race
Time: Jul 28, 2020 06:30 PM Indiana (East)
Zoom Conversation

For additional information, please email Lindsay Scott.

Kids’ Voice of Indiana was founded 35 years ago to advocate for and protect the best interests of children. This founding mission remains our driving force to this day. We work within the legal system to ensure children’s interests and rights are protected; however, if we are operating within a system that is inherently biased against our black and brown citizens, then our work alone is not enough. We always need to do more, learn more and listen more.

Over the years, we have added programs to deepen the level of advocacy and access for families in Indiana. We offer free legal information to anyone that needs it, no questions asked. We train our staff and volunteers on diversity, trauma and inclusion. But it isn’t enough. Through our work and our partnerships, we advocate for policy changes in juvenile justice, foster care and other areas where minority children are disproportionately affected. But it still isn’t enough.

How can it be enough if we are working within a system where there is not equitable access and justice for all? Read the statement issued by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush:

We invite our staff, board members, and volunteers to come together and have a conversation about race, and the role of bias and racism in our legal system. We will host a virtual conversation on July 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM. We will use a curriculum from the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture to facilitate the conversation. The curriculum can be found here:

We plan to continue these conversations regularly, both formally and informally; however, conversations are not enough. We also plan to do the following:
• Create a Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce that will examine areas for improvement within our organization starting with ensuring equitable access to our services and diverse representation in our leadership and volunteers
• Offer regular trainings, available free of charge to our staff, volunteers and those we serve, on the topics of implicit bias, racism, and combating bias in the legal system
• Update our logo so that it reflects our commitment to inclusion of all children
• Ensuring our strategic plan identifies and addresses areas for improving equity

We welcome your thoughts and your participation during these conversations and educational sessions.

We pledge as an organization to find ways to address racial disparities in the justice system and to use legal tools to promote equity and fight oppression. We will continue to do our best to live out our mission to advocate, educate and protect.